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Magnify Your Impact

Powering Profit With Purpose

By: Maggie Z. Miller and Hannah Nokes

Tap the power of purpose to transform your business―and the world.

Business is changing. The call for business leaders to address the world’s problems has never been more urgent.

As a business leader, you spend much of your time dedicated to guiding the growth of your company. This step-by-step guide gives you tools to apply the same focus to improving the lives around you – by igniting your company’s purpose into action. This book helps chart your course to leaving a legacy of impact and using your company’s powers for good.

As corporations make up a growing segment of the global economy, business leaders are increasingly tasked with solving the world’s toughest problems.

You may be searching for that perfect formula: to use the capabilities of your business to strengthen communities while driving value back to your business.

Your company’s superpowers, or the very thing that cause your customers and employees to shout your praises, also creates transformational social impact when channeled effectively. Magnify Your Impact gives you a blueprint for social impact that drives real business results.

We have been behind the curtain with the world’s most well-known brands, as well as emerging brands just charting their course. In our work with hundreds of companies, one thing is clear: social impact―the living, breathing manifestation of your company’s core purpose―must be part of the DNA of your business strategy.

At any stage of your business, with profit as the engine of your company and purpose as the jet fuel, you can create a lasting legacy, and long-term returns.


Maggie Z. Miller and Hannah Nokes

Chief Troublemaker and Chief Optimist, Magnify Impact

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