med spa mayham book cover by kate dee

Med Spa Mayhem

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Secrets of the Aesthetic Industry

By: Kate Dee

Beauty’s Hidden Peril: A Doctor’s Guide to the Risks and Realities of Med Spas In her groundbreaking book, Dr. Kate Dee pulls back the curtain on the often unregulated world of medical spas. With raw, compelling stories and expert insight, Dr. Dee reveals the alarming risks behind many of these popular beauty havens. From untrained practitioners to unapproved treatments, this eye-opening exposé delves into the hidden dangers that lie beneath the surface of the glossy med spa industry.

Discover shocking accounts of botched procedures, the long-term impacts of improper care, and the loopholes in regulations that allow these risks to persist. Dr. Dee not only provides a critical look at the industry but also empowers readers by giving them the knowledge to make safe, informed decisions about their beauty treatments.

This book is an essential read for anyone considering med spa services, offering a much-needed and expert perspective on the balance between beauty and health. Dr. Dee’s passionate advocacy for patient safety makes Med Spa Mayhem a pivotal work in understanding and navigating the complex world of medical spas.


Kate Dee

Aesthetic Medicine Physician

Dr. Kate Dee grew up in New York City and attended Yale for college and medical school, finishing her MD in 1994. She then completed residency in Diagnostic Imaging at…

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