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Medical Device Company In A Box

The Case For Consiliso

By: Mark Rutkiewicz

Most business owners can only dream of creating that perfect balance between efficiency, flexibility, and usability―but you can’t be expected to do everything. With Consiliso, the architectural groundwork has been done for you.

Follow along in Mark Rutkiewicz’s book, Medical Device Company in a Box: The Case for Consiliso, to see how your medical device company― or any company, for that matter―can benefit from Consiliso. It’s easily implemented for the small-business owner but also completely capable of scaling up to even the largest of multinational corporations, making it perfect to support your company and its growth. In this book, you’ll learn how Consiliso can help you develop, in detail, the best methods to properly design all your business processes to achieve both compliance and efficiency so that you, as a business owner, can immediately see whether you are hitting your key metrics.

From the complexity of product development and distribution, to training and complaint processing, Mark Rutkiewicz is here to explain, in an easy-to-understand way, how your company can finally achieve the level of organization it needs to live up to its capabilities.


Mark Rutkiewicz

Vice President of Quality, Innovize

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