3d book cover of medicare blueprint

Medicare Blueprint

A Just-The-Facts Approach To Designing Your Medicare Benefits

By: Jason Mackey

Since its creation in 1966, Medicare has been a source of medical coverage for millions of Americans―and also a source of confusion. With so many different “plans” and “parts,” it’s easy to feel overwhelmed as you sign up for Medicare. Authors and insurance advisors Tim Hanbury and Jason Mackey hope to clear up the muddled world of Medicare in Medicare Blueprint.

Inside, you’ll discover how to:
•sign up for your benefits at the right time;
•choose the best plan based on your unique situation;
•solve the “gaps” in Medicare coverage;
•take charge of your benefits;
•partner with a local expert to answer questions and solve problems; and
•save thousands of dollars by making the best choices now.

By learning the facts about Medicare, you can be sure to make an informed decision on a plan that maximizes your benefits and protects your well-being.


Jason Mackey

Independent Licensed Insurance Agent

They have been an independent insurance agency since 1989, which allows them to build the best solutions for their clients. Upon his father’s retirement in 2014, Jason became president of…

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