More Life Than Money book cover

More Life Than Money

How Not to Outlive Your Savings

By: Anthony A. Saccaro

Knowledge is power. We hear the saying every day, but when it comes to our finances, many of us choose to remain in the dark.

The unknowing is what creates a deep sense of dread when we think about the future. Instead of feeling euphoric when we dream about the hobbies and enjoyment we want to experience in retirement, we freeze, tethered to all those things we don’t know.

If not checked, we continue down the path of unknowing, accumulating more worries and less confidence, latching onto the only financial tools we’ve been taught.

There is no better time than right now to discover the pieces that have been missing in your financial life. Only then can you set yourself up for success.

Whether you are just starting out in your career, approaching, or even in retirement, More Life than Money offers you the tools to invest confidently and tackle the truths that are hidden beneath every money vehicle out there.

In a compelling blend of explanatory prose, personal anecdotes, and deeply researched facts, Anthony Saccaro shares the wisdom he’s been gathering for decades, shedding light on how to get command of your finances and break from the unknown.


Anthony A. Saccaro

President; Financial Planner; Investment Advisory Representative

A Los Angeles native, Anthony founded Providence Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. in 1999 and has helped thousands take control of their finances and prepare for retirement. A frequent guest…

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