mosaic of minds by songyee yoon book cover

Mosaic of Minds

Navigating the Coexistence of Artificial Intelligence and Humanity

By: Songyee Yoon

Forging a More Humane Future through Ethical AI Collaboration The rapid development of AI is bringing revolutionary changes that raise complex ethical questions without clear solutions.

As AI becomes an integral part of human society, how can we ensure it evolves responsibly and ethically?

Songyee Yoon draws from conversations with pioneering AI experts to provide insight into building a framework for the coexistence of humans and machines.

Exploring philosophical, educational, engineering, and societal perspectives, Mosaic of Minds offers thought-provoking discussions on AI’s potential benefits and risks.

This insightful book encourages collaborative efforts between diverse fields to develop AI that augments humanity, arguing that open communication and debate will reveal solutions hidden in differences. Ultimately, it makes a compelling case that by working together, we can create a new order where AI assists in solving humanity’s problems.


Songyee Yoon

President and Chief Strategy Officer at NCSOFT

Songyee Yoon graduated from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and holds a Ph.D. from MIT. Yoon is a trustee of Carnegie Endowment for International Peach and previously…

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