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Multiply Your Success With Feng Shui

Finding Wealth and Happiness Through Chinese Metaphysics

By: Vladimir Zhakharov

What is Feng Shui, and how can it change your life? The term is often used casually and without much understanding. In Multiply Your Success With Feng Shui, Vladimir Zakharov addresses the complexities and proven results of practicing the scientific and spiritual art. Forget the old misconceptions of sliding furniture to ambiguous places and decorations consisting of frogs and coins, and learn the true value of this area of Chinese metaphysics. Multiply the talents and wealth you already possess to make them far more fruitful.

You’ll have the proven and detailed guide to:
* Sell a house in a slow market
* Triple your money luck
* Add energy in your life
* Jump-start success in every aspect of your life

No matter your age or income, there is room to increase your success while simplifying your life. MULTIPLY YOUR SUCCESS WITH Feng Shui is the resource you need to begin your journey. Vladimir Zakharov is an international Feng Shui guru and successful entrepreneur. Zakharov now shares his knowledge by multiplying the fortunes of his clients, especially residential and commercial developers.


Vladimir Zhakharov

Dean of Metaphysics, European Institute of Interdisciplinary Research and Studies

Vladimir Zakharov is an internationally recognized Feng-Shui expert with over 17 years of experience. He studied from the world famous masters of Feng-Shui in Singapore, Malaysia and obtained prestigious Feng…

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