Navigating Glioblastoma book cover

Navigating Glioblastoma and High Grade Glioma

A Patient and Family Guide to Primary Brain Tumors

By: Dr. Thomas Gruber

Glioblastoma. The word is intimidating, scary, confusing and instantly will make you feel helpless.  Multiple doctor appointments, strange medical terms, difficult decisions, confusing terminology, and confusing technology all combine to frighten you and make you wonder how you’ll ever navigate this impossible new world and still feel like you’re doing everything possible for your own health, or the health of your loved one.

This book is designed to clear the fog of Glioblastoma. To help you as the patient and your loved ones understand the diagnosis in plain, comfortable language. To help understand the pluses and minuses of the treatment options. To help make sense of all the testing. To help you understand what to expect at important junctions during treatment. To give you the information you need to make crucial decisions about your care.


Dr. Thomas Gruber


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