Nobody Cares Until You Do book cover

Nobody Cares (Until You Do)

Living Beyond The Blame, Excuses and Doubts That Hold You Back

By: Salem Thyne Robert J. Hunt

“My parents didn’t love me.” “My boss is a jerk.” “I’m not good enough.”

If you’re like most people, you think there are “reasons” why you are the way you are—why you can’t get what you really want no matter how hard you try. But here’s the thing. All those explanations are BS. They’re a choice you make to avoid responsibility and accountability. And they’re making you a victim.

This book was designed help you become a victor.

With a message that is clear, motivating, and ultimately inspiring, Nobody Cares (Until You Do) will help you climb out of the muck of blame and excuses, rising from the depths of lack of awareness to peak accountability. They’ll guide you through each stage of the journey from victim to victor, identifying the obstacles you’ll encounter along the way and sharing strategies for overcoming them. It’s a must-read guide to getting past the fear, embracing reality, and taking control of your happiness.


Salem Thyne

President at Middle Initial LLC

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Robert J. Hunt

CEO Hunt Brothers Consulting

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