Out of the Question: How Curious Leader Win by

Out of the Question

How Curious Leader Win

By: Guy Parsons and Allan Milham

Out of the Question: How Curious Leader Win offers a new mindset and a practical approach to thriving in the firestorm of change that today’s leaders face. Existing businesses and business models are facing disruption at all levels.

Our younger employees are not satisfied with just a “job,” but rather, want work that allows them to be involved and included in decisions— or they will walk. Leaders of teams who, in the past, could lead through command and control are finding themselves unable to keep up with the pace of change and the expanding challenges of engaging their talent.

This book offers readers a new and relevant framework to guide both personal and group decision-making. With rich stories and practical approaches, you will learn where you currently fall between two leadership styles defined as the Knower leader and the Learner leader.

The authors demonstrate how you can make continuous progress towards the ideals of Learner Leadership in order to achieve the best possible outcomes, which inspire and engage teams. The key for leaders today is to carefully forge authentic and genuine questions, delivered with the right tone and in the right setting.

By leading with curiosity and wonder, leaders can reduce stress on themselves by no longer needing to have all the answers.

Leading with curiosity creates a collaborative learning environment in which shared explorations of possible solutions flourish, leading to genuine questions. The process is rewarding for all and the results allow a team to accelerate their progress through the power of many.


Guy Parsons and Allan Milham

Executive Coaches

Guy Parsons and Allan Milham have created a fusion of two powerful thought processes found in altogether-too-few C-suite leaders: Executive Coaching and Lean Thinking. As two experienced practitioners of both…

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