3d book cover of outsmarting VUCA

Outsmarting VUCA

Achieving Success in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, & Ambiguous World

By: Don Gilman Ed. D.

We all have patterns of thinking. Unfortunately for many of us, our patterns were established years ago, and they are becoming less and less suited to this volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world we’re now facing. In Outsmarting V.U.C.A., Don Gilman shows you how to establish new patterns of thinking that have been created specifically to address this rapidly evolving VUCA world.

You’ll learn to:
•recognize your own blind spots in your thinking patterns
•make better decisions by using a structured approach focused on purposefully changing your thinking patterns
•engage your entire team, and leverage diversity where there is no homogenity
•identify the most common reasoning errors in yourself
and others, allowing you to have unparalleled insight into any situation


Don Gilman Ed. D.

Executive Director, Institute for the Advancement of Critical Thinking

Don also spent over eight years in the automotive industry, leading the North American and European Business Unit for a privately held company that was eventually acquired by Robert Bosch…

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