3D book cover of path to abundant living

Path To Abundant Living

Financial Truths for Christians

By: Calvin Lipscomb

It’s at church where many of us learn the lessons that carry us through life. We learn to respect others, to be patient, and to do the right thing. Unfortunately, the church often fails to teach us one of the most important lessons needed in today’s world―how to manage our money. Through speaking with countless individuals, financial planner Calvin Lipscomb discovered this gap, and with Path to Abundant Living, he hopes to impart guidance to those seeking a healthy financial life. Although the Bible includes fundamental teachings about money, it doesn’t tell us specifically how to manage taxes, deal with debt, or prepare for retirement. Inside this book, you’ll find tips and strategies to do all of this and much more.

The Lord expects us to wisely save and multiply our money so that we may build greater resources to do his work. While we mustn’t worship money, it’s our duty to manage our finances with care and wisdom, no matter your circumstances.


Calvin Lipscomb

Financial Planner, MyFinancialLife LLC.

Calvin provides personalized financial advising services, wealth management, and asset accumulation to individuals, families, and groups. Calvin strives to provide the services that people and families need to reach their…

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