PEOPLEMATTER: Driving Productivity, Efficiency and Profits through Happier Team Members by Nate DePore


Driving Productivity, Efficiency and Profits through Happier Team Members

By: Nate DaPore

PeopleMatter Now, More Than Ever! The Service Industry—including restaurants, convenience stores, and other retail companies—has seen a tremendous amount of change in recent years and not all for the better. These businesses are facing some major challenges, from slim margins and high turnover rates to ever-changing workforce management issues influenced by politics, generational trends and the new post-downturn economy. PeopleMatter puts forth the simple yet powerful idea that the key to overcoming these challenges lies with your people. You can’t accomplish any of your goals without them, and if you can better understand who they are, what they want, and how to engage and motivate them, you can unlock a world of potential that will make a positive difference in more ways than one. The payoff can be huge, not just in terms of bettering your bottom line, but also in the lives of everyone involved—including you.

Your people are the most valuable asset you’ve got. Helping them find real meaning and purpose in their lives is both good for business and good for them. Plus, being able to do that for someone else is a pretty powerful and inspiring thing. Because real change is about more than just theory, PeopleMatter also provides action items that employers and managers can use right now to make their workplaces better, with the end result being happier employees and happier customers, which in turn leads to higher sales and better margins—and who wouldn’t want all that?


Nate DaPore

Founder, President and CEO - PeopleMatter

Nate DaPore is the founder, President and CEO of PeopleMatter, a purpose-driven software company focused on creating change in the hourly workforces of some of the best companies in the…

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