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Plan D by Mike Maddock

Lessons from the World's Most Successful Disruptors

By: Mike Maddock

The author of the best-seller Free the Idea Monkey and the cult classic Flirting with the Uninterested, has created an entrepreneurial roadmap showing us how to become, manage or optimize the Disruptors, the people like Elon Musk and Sheryl Sandberg who repeatedly change the world. It is candid, funny, practical–and powerful.

“Mike and the people he calls friends leave a big wake. This book will show you how they do it. — Marshall Goldsmith, Thinker50, #1 executive coach and only two-time #1 leadership thinker in the world

The assumptions we have been making about Disruptors are wrong. It isn’t just  courage (and a bit of luck) that make them successful again, and again, and again. Their strategies for repeated success are observable and learnable.

This book is the bible for second…and third chances.” — Mike Michalowicz, author Profit First

In Plan D, entrepreneurial anthropologist (and successful serial entrepreneur himself) Mike Maddock examines the often misunderstood “superhero powers” that allow the most successful leaders to create immediate and repeatable impact in the face of incredible obstacles. In this book, you will learn how they:

  • Turn problems into solutions
  • Use their demons to drive them to greatness
  • Use simple, repeatable frameworks to accelerate success
  • See and benefit from opportunities most of us miss
  • Think differently under pressure

Mike Maddock is one of the most uniquely engaging thought leaders I know. His authentic style is captivating, and his ability to inspire using critical lessons from both startups and Fortune 100’s is priceless. I’d recommend him to our CMO and our CFO because they would both love learning from him.” — Robert A. McDonald, retired chairman and CEO of Procter & Gamble.

You are working on Plan A. You are thinking about Plan B. Now, it’s time for Plan D, The book that will teach you how to dream, drive and deliver like the people who change the world.


Mike Maddock

CEO and Founder, Maddock Douglas, Inc.

He calls himself an Idea Monkey because he loves to solve problems with disruptive ideas. This passion for problem solving led him to establish Maddock Douglas, Inc. in 1991. Maddock…

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