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Power of Surge

Five Ways to Supercharge Your B2B Software Business and Unleash Hidden Value

By: Holly Rollo

A B2B Software CEO’s Guide to Strategic Modern Marketing That Delivers Results!

For CEOs and investors in small to midsize B2B software companies, this book provides a clear blueprint for transforming your marketing to unleash hidden value, especially leading up to a transaction or exit event. Based on over thirty years of experience leading major technology company transformations, the author outlines a strategic approach using the Power of SURGE—Strategy, Unity, Reputation, Gains, and Efficiency.

Learn how to develop a customer-centric strategy tailored to your unique business situation, achieve radical alignment across sales and marketing, establish a compelling competitive market position and brand reputation with customers, unlock hidden revenue streams, and build a modern marketing engine for scale and ROI.

The book covers common disconnects between CEOs and CMOs that undermine execution, along with advice for finding and keeping the right marketing leader in a competitive talent market. You’ll discover proven methods for driving growth, lowering customer acquisition costs, shortening sales cycles, and boosting valuation. With practical advice from other industry leaders, this playbook provides the key steps to transform your marketing for competitive advantage and transaction success.


Holly Rollo

founder of Surge Strategies

Holly Rollo has three decades of experience leading major turnaround, transformations, and transactions. As a former CMO, she founded Surge Strategies, a strategic marketing advisory firm helping B2B software CEOs…

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