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Punish The Machine!

The Promise of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care

By: Uli K. Chettipally

The health care industry is in deep trouble. More than 50 percent of physicians report burnout and the US health care system is topping the charts for cost while skimming the bottom for quality among developed nations. There is a desperate need for a major shift in the health care business model and an opportunity to incorporate cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) into today’s health care services. In Punish the Machine! The Promise of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care, Dr. Chettipally clearly explains the current health care problems facing the US and how AI technology can be used to decrease the burden on physicians, improve the quality for patients, and decrease the cost for payers.


Uli K. Chettipally

Co-Founder and CTO, CREST Network

He designed, developed and implemented a clinical decision support platform to deliver real-time guidance at the point of care, to decrease the cognitive burden on physicians and improve patient outcomes…

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