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Relational Finance

The New Model to Accelerate Growth, Attract Capital, And Maximize The Value of Your Business

By: Benjamin J. Lehrer

Finance is the only function intertwined in every business decision. Despite this, it is often misunderstood and under-appreciated within small and midsize businesses (SMBs). Finance is more than numbers; it is a toolbox to craft a culture of accountability, credible goals, and an enticing narrative about the future.

In Relational Finance: Better Teams, Better Growth, Better Deals, Ben Lehrer breaks down the finance function into five easily digestible components, the finance spectrum:

1. Data
2. Reporting
3. Projections
4. Planning
5. Capital

Untethered from the rigidity and piecemeal nature of traditional finance models, Relational Finance enables SMBs to harness the entire finance spectrum.

The results are powerful and invaluable, with visibility into performance data and future scenarios driving confident decision-making, lower stress, and a more rewarding journey for business owners and leaders.

Business leaders can create better teams, better growth, and better deals while attracting the right capital and partners to achieve their goals.


Benjamin J. Lehrer

Founder, First Water

Benjamin J. Lehrer is the founder of First Water and creator of Relational Finance. With a background in private equity, investment banking, commercial lending, financial planning and analysis (FP&A) advisory,…

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