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Restore Your Lost Vision Now

The Three-Step Program To Regain Your Sight

By: Dennis Courtney

As you get older, you expect certain elements of health to deteriorate. It’s a fact of life that some things are beyond your control. But why let a critical element of your health and quality of life―your vision―deteriorate, when there are steps for improvement?

Such steps are revealed by Dennis J Courtney, MD, in his book Restore Your Lost Vision Now, where he shows that there is a way to stop the further progression of your current eye disease and that you can get a substantial improvement in just three days with simple exercises and lifestyle improvements. Dr. Courtney has remedied the doubts and fears of many who struggle with vision loss and has brought them comfort knowing there is something they can do, steps they can take, and improvements they can see, and he is now reaching out to you―the patient looking to heal your eyesight―in this book. Don’t let life go blurry―take back control of your vision!


Dennis Courtney

Medical Director, Courtney Medical Group

His students are no longer high school sophomores in the suburbs of Pittsburgh; instead, his classroom is now an office, and his students are the patients who come to consult…

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