five step guide to retirement

Retire Free

Five Steps Toward Living Your Best Retirement

By: Robert A. Guy

After years of hard work, you have the right to a stress-free retirement. And if you want to sleep easy knowing you have made the right decisions for you and your family, you need a plan. Discover how you may be able to more confidently enjoy the financially free life you and your family deserve, regardless of the economy, stock market, or decisions made by politicians in Washington, DC.

In RETIRE FREE, author, educator, and advocate for his clients, Robert A. Guy, RICP®, reveals his strategy for tax-efficient retirement and estate planning he calls The Retirement Freedom Solution. This comprehensive step-by-step plan was engineered to help families simplify their financial lives and get the most from what they’ve got. His strategies are built around the following fundamental values:

•Freedom from the fear of running out of money
•Freedom from Wall Street speculation and fees
•Freedom from excessive taxation
•Freedom to remain in your home and avoid Medicaid bankruptcy
•Freedom to create a loving legacy and protect your loved ones

From this book, you’ll gain the ability to make smarter decisions with your money and the empowerment that comes from making decisions based on math and science, rather than emotion or financial media hype.


Robert A. Guy

President, Tax and Investment Advisors

Robert A. Guy RICP® has been helping families turn their lifetimes of work into the retirements they deserve for more than twenty-five years. His professional mission is to help families…

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