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How Five Innovative Women Are Rewriting the Story of Business

By: Gráinne McNamara

Why does the corporate world consider innovation a disruption? How can companies adapt to the massive changes happening in technology and culture? What if the solutions to the problems they face can already be found in the nonprofit and entrepreneurial communities?

In the face of emerging technology like AI and postpandemic cultural shifts, companies find themselves amid an existential crisis, focused on the risks instead of the rewards. But what if the answer to these so-called disruptions is Rotation?

Like the ancient wisdom that brought forth the wheel, innovative Rotation lends itself to a more frictionless path to human and economic prosperity.

In ROTATE: How Five Women Are Rewriting the Story of Business, author Gráinne McNamara takes readers on a journey to discover a philosophy of transformation that is both timeless and infinite.

McNamara combines insights from thirty years in corporate finance and technology infrastructure, organic innovation from nonprofit and minority communities, and groundbreaking entrepreneurial ingenuity.

McNamara uncovers the skills that can unleash human genius more holistically and inclusively than the current models. You’re invited to experience this New Renaissance through the stories of five intrepid women who embody the skills of Rotation:

Narrative—Dr. Cheryl Wood
Strategy—Katie Nowak
Human-Centered Design—Swin Huang
Engineering—Zino Haro
Building Ecosystems—Torin Darling Brazzle

Rotate is an exploration of a generative philosophy that combines individual, communal, and corporate transformation. In the New Renaissance of the modern world, art, science, and the human spirit join together as a prismatic light illuminating the way into the future. Through the power of Rotation, McNamara proposes a bold way for individuals and companies to become generative in both thought and action.

It’s time to write the history of the future.

Gráinne McNamara

Hailing from Ireland, Gráinne McNamara now resides in Brooklyn where she works at the intersection of finance, tech and organizational transformation. An adjunct professor and sought-after speaker, she is heavily…

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