how to build a successful 401k plan

Save America, Save!

The Secrets of a Successful 401(k) Plan

By: Charlie Epstein

ARE YOU GIVING YOUR EMPLOYEES A CHANCE AT RETIREMENT SUCCESS? Save America, Save! shows you – the employer and sponsor of the 401(k) retirement plan – how to educate, activate, and influence your employees to save enough money to achieve a successful retirement experience.

Implement these valuable strategies at your company to instantly improve your 401(k) retirement plan and your employees’ retirement saving experience: • Courageous Plan Design • Auto to the Fifth Power (Auto5) • Fee and Expense Control • Desirement Planning® • Four Pillars of Retirement Readiness Help your employees make confident financial decisions today and watch their gratitude and enthusiasm for their workplace and their personal performance grow.


Charlie Epstein

Founder of Epstein Financial and the 401(K) Coach

Charlie is known nationally as the 401kCoach, having trained more than 10,000 financial professionals how to best serve the needs of their clients. He is the bestselling author of Paychecks…

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