Serendipity or Passion?


Tales of an Entrepreneur

By: Stephanie Blackwell

A philosopher once said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Stephanie Blackwell, founder and owner of Aurora Products, puts it a little differently: Success is what happens when passion meets serendipity. You need passion and you also need the right opportunity. That’s the magic formula.

Still, success doesn’t happen overnight. Serendipity or Passion? tells the tale of the growth of Aurora Products from a tiny backroom operation with four employees to a thriving, nationally known packager of all-natural foods with over 200 employees. It’s not a book of business lessons; rather, it’s a collection of stories with business lessons embedded in them.

Blackwell tells how she dealt with challenges such as finding her business niche, growth and expansion, hiring the right people, negotiating with unions, running a family business, and much more. But she does it as a storyteller, not a lecturer. She hopes fellow entrepreneurs will gain value from her experiences, but most of all, she hopes everyone enjoys the ride—as she has!


Stephanie Blackwell

Today she lives in Fairfield, Connecticut, with her husband, two shelties, and the abundant wildlife in her backyard. Her passions lie in her family and her business, where she revels…

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