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Sharing Smiles

Our Approach To Patient-Centric Care

By: James Smith and N. Danielle Tart

Your dental health is vital not only to your personal wellness, but your overall well-being. For something so important, your experience should be one you look forward to and anticipate. You deserve a dental practice that sits in a category apart from all the rest, a “category of one.” Dr. Smith and Dr. Tart have created a patient-centric approach to dental care that puts you first, always.

In Sharing Smiles: Our Approach To: Patient-Centric Care, you will discover how to:

•Improve your overall health
•Increase your self-confidence
•Reduce your risk of oral disease
•Unlock your full potential


James Smith and N. Danielle Tart

Founders, Triangle Dentistry

Dr. Smith is a past President of the North Carolina Academy of General Dentistry and currently serves as an examiner for the Council of Interstate Testing Agencies. Dr. Tart was…

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