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Simplify Your Retirement

Timeless Principles To Achieve Financial Peace

By: Stephen Stricklin

Many people travel through life without ever creating a financial plan. They may be “too busy” or think it’s “too complicated.” However, having a plan can significantly improve your peace of mind and allow you to pursue your dreams to and through retirement.

In Simplify Your Retirement: Timeless Principles To Achieve Financial Peace, Stephen Stricklin addresses those who understand the importance of having a plan and who want freedom from financial worries. He details the “Five Principles of Financial Planning”:

1. No investment decisions outside the context of the plan.
2. The plan determines the products.
3. Don’t let your portfolio take a HIT (health care, inflation,
and taxes).
4. Protect the income; grow the rest.
5. Financial peace comes from having a plan.

This book is for people who have investments, but do not have a plan. It’s for people who have a goal to retire, but want to
know what to do in order to get there and then enjoy it.


Stephen Stricklin

Founder, Wise Wealth LLC

He was motivated by the desire to bring financial wisdom to his clients. He enjoys working with business owners, professionals, families and individuals who believe that wealth is a tool…

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