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The Mechanics of Business Success

By: Stephanie Novak Hau

Businesses need agility and optimization to thrive amidst constant unpredictability. Scientist and entrepreneur Stephanie Novak Hau cracked the code to resilient organizational architecture.

For over thirty years Hau studied hundreds of diverse organizations. She engineered the revolutionary Sprocket® framework to structurally transform any business for maximum efficiency, accountability, and sustainability.

In Sprocket: The Mechanics of Business Success, Hau provides the step-by-step blueprint to optimize your organizational architecture. Adopt her process to eliminate chronic struggles, quickly adapt to disruptions, continuously frustrate competitors, and guarantee enduring success.

Hau’s Sprocket architecture uses scientific principles to identify the true fundamental components needed in a successful and resilient business. In these pages, you’ll gain an understanding of the function of each, how they work together, and how to optimize them in your business.

Using Sprocket, you’ll learn how to transform your organization for maximum effectiveness, efficiency, and accountability with a laser focus to minimize disruptions. That elusive goal of collaborative problem-solving across functions will be your new reality. You will facilitate change through laser focus, not with a scalpel, empowering collaborative problem-solving across functions. Sprocket gives you the blueprint to optimize your business for enduring excellence. Architect your success today.


Stephanie Novak Hau


As an award-winning entrepreneur, Stephanie Novak Hau serves as CEO of CEM, a company that’s purpose is to apply practical science to improve communities. Hau earned recognition as US Small…

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