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Strategic Transformation

How To Deliver What Matters Most

By: Juan Riboldi

Strategic Transformation points the way forward during a time of uncertainty and risk. Change has accelerated to the point where organizations are continually threatened by it. But change is also an opportunity, and effective organizations transform themselves to take advantage of it.

In Strategic Transformation, author and global business consultant Juan Riboldi reveals a consistent approach that, if applied correctly, will give you and your organization the confidence to reach your goals. This book explains the principles, practices and tools you need to deliver what matters most to your organization.

Riboldi, who has guided dozens of highly successful corporate transformations, takes you step-by-step through a proven process for dealing with every aspect of successful strategic transformation. With his guidance, you can foster a transformation that will make change your ally and set your organization apart.


Juan Riboldi

President and Principal Advisor, Ascent Advisory

Juan has extensive experience working with senior leaders in business, government and education in the United States and internationally. He is recognized by clients for providing insightful advise and practical…

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