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Stress-Testing Your Savings

Your Financial Guide to Navigate to and Through Retirement

By: Keith Gebert

When you feel sick, you go to the doctor. You don’t wait until the last minute, when your illness has escalated to a life-threatening disease. You should treat your financial situation in the same way―start planning now to secure your future.

In Stress-Testing Your Savings, author Keith Gebert presents advice you can take action on today to diagnose your economic ailments and begin the journey to financial wellness. With over ten years of experience in the financial industry, Keith understands where many people struggle. Rather than consulting with a professional, so many families attempt to manage their own finances in addition to their busy lives at work and home. The result is often an inadequate, cookie-cutter plan that fails to account for their true needs.
Inside this book, you’ll learn how to:
• choose an ideal financial advisor
• create a will and designate power of attorney
• avoid common retirement mistakes
• change your lifestyle to accomplish your financial goals
• obtain a second opinion before making a decision

Don’t let your economic situation turn into an incurable disorder that plagues your retirement; take action now to protect your financial well-being!


Keith Gebert

CEO, RightBridge Financial Group

After gaining a true understanding of what other financial professionals do for retirees, he was inspired to make sure those he cares about and those he has the blessing to…

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