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Surviving The Business Storm Cycle

How To Weather Your Business's Ups and Downs

By: Dave Hopson

Your business is doing phenomenal. Growth like never before. Everyone is on their toes, working overtime, hunkering down through this whirlwind of growth.

Maybe you even hire a handful of new people, invest in new technology in systems . . .

How long can such a level of success and growth last? Well, the answer lies in the old adage, “What goes up must come down.”

Without the proper strategies in place, employees will be laid off. All that investment in new IT―wasted.
But despite the storms of high and low growth to come, you can build the perfect storm shelter to make it through the volatile business atmosphere.

In Surviving the Business Storm Cycle: How to Weather Your Business’s Ups and Downs, Dave Hopson of Triumphus coaches you through the four phases any business will find itself in sooner or later:

1. Start-up
2. High growth: Tornado
3. Deceleration: Avalanche
4. Consolidation

Don’t let the storms destruct what you’ve worked so hard to build. Every phase presents its own opportunities and challenges―take advantage, learn, and grow with the proven strategies presented by Dave Hopson.


Dave Hopson

Managing Partner, Triumphus

Before entering his role at Triumphus, Dave served as team leader for the USMC 3rd Recon, specializing in antiterrorism, hostage rescue, and special-ops logistical planning, after which he received his…

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