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Tech Success

How Tech Executives And Their Families Manage Meaningful Wealth

By: Trevor Strudley

As a Silicon Valley technology executive, senior manager, venture capitalist, or young entrepreneur, you take calculated business risks every day. Your success, and the success of the company to which you devote so much energy, depend on you making the right decisions. Your choices today determine your financial future, that day when you retire or choose a work-optional lifestyle.

The bottom line is this: Life is very different when you don’t need to work. You can prepare for that transition tomorrow by asking the tough questions today:

• What are my financial assets, liabilities, risks, and future obligations?
• Have I mitigated the risk of concentrated stock positions?
• Am I maximizing earnings after taxes?
• Will my estate plan make the transition easy for my family?
• Have I prepared my kids to inherit significant wealth?
• What do I want to do when work is a choice, not a necessity?
• How, exactly, will my wealth replace employment income?


Trevor Strudley

Branch Vice President, Raymond James Financial Services Inc.

Trevor holds a Master of Science degree in Information Technology and a Master of Business Administration degree in General Management, both from universities in the United Kingdom. Trevor is a…

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