The 10 Keys To Effective Supervision book

The 10 Keys Of Effective Supervision

Building Healthy Organizational Cultures through Servant Leadership

By: Rick Pierce & Jim Rowell

“I hate my boss.” Most employees have said or felt something like this at some point in their working lives. Many have resigned as a result, costing their employers untold amounts of money.

With The 10 Keys of Effective Supervision, Rick Pierce and Jim Rowell hope to reverse that trend. The authors examine the following 10 Keys chapter by chapter, including Supporting Growth, Uniting Your Team, Praising Others, Expecting Excellence, Requiring Accountability, Valuing What You Believe, Instilling Independence, Sharing Continuously, Optimizing Ownership and Realigning Your Efforts.

The bottom line is productivity. Organizations exist to get things done. The objective is growth. If organizations are to thrive, they need the right kind of employees and the right kind of supervisors to lead them.


Rick Pierce & Jim Rowell

Co-Founder Rising Sun Consultants, CEO and Co-Founder of Rising Sun Consultants

An award-winning teacher and motivational speaker, Rick holds a BS in psychology from Monmouth College, an MS in counseling from the Pennsylvania State University, and a PhD from Texas Tech…

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