The Balancing Act of Business

The Balancing Act of Business

Mastering Eight Functional Areas of Business Success

By: Andrea Chuchvara

When Andrea Chuchvara began working as a gift wrap girl at Neiman Marcus during college, she had no idea she was laying the groundwork for a life-changing career in business.

A literature major with her heart firmly set on academia, Andrea suddenly found herself knee-deep in spreadsheets, finding solutions to problems that no one knew existed.

Those solutions did not go unnoticed, catapulting her onto an unexpected path that would lead her to her destiny. Leaving Shakespeare to wait in the wings, Andrea embraced her passion for teaching and creative arts to transform well-known companies and, in turn, her own life.

In The Balancing Act of Business: Mastering Eight Functional Areas of Business Success, Chuchvara shares eight foundational areas that every leader should be well-versed in, along with the extraordinary stories of how she managed her way through them all by tapping into the innate skills she was always meant to share. From sales and marketing to people and culture, every area counts and requires a great leader who knows how to harness their unique, natural talents.


Andrea Chuchvara

A progressive CEO who successfully increases business efficiencies and profits while keeping employees engaged,  Andrea looks and plans beyond short-sighted benefits to help companies plan for long-term success.

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