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The Biodiesel Solution

How Biodiesel Is Making A Difference For Our Future

By: Pat Black

If you want to succeed as a business or world leader you have to be decisive and persistent, making sure no opportunities are squandered. Whatever is wasteful should be made productive. This is the concept behind the advent of the biodiesel industry, which does exactly that. Biodiesel turns waste into energy, making it a mainstream fuel source that provides an array of environmental, economic, and other societal benefits. Yet many people know little about it, and about how biodiesel could be benefiting them. In this book, you’ll learn about some of the overlooked capabilities of biodiesel, including that biodiesel is environmentally beneficial, burning much cleaner than fossil diesel, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Biodiesel also makes efficient use of agricultural byproducts and waste that might otherwise go to landfills. Blended it petrodiesel, it extends critical US fuel reserves and offers a domestic solution to power our infrastructure. The biodiesel industry puts Americans to work, supporting 64,000 jobs in just 2016, a figure that’s sure to grow if federal and state policies continue to support domestic production. When American lives are fueled by biodiesel, their wallets are, too. Pat Black will show you how building a stronger biodiesel industry is an easy solution not only for our environment, but also for our economy–creating badly needed jobs with fair wages. Biodiesel: cleaner, safer and made in America.


Pat Black

Founder, Hero BX

HERO BX bears witness to Pat Black’s commitment to investing, creating, and managing companies with innovative products and capitalizing on economic opportunities to create meaningful jobs. He also promotes innovation…

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