3d cover of the breakaway move by robert s fish

The Break Away Move

Ignite Your Company's Core, Create Game Changing Strategy, And Crush The Competition While Achieving Your Epic Win

By: Robert S. Fish

Every business is on an adventure leading to absolute victory or demise. If you want to achieve an Epic Win with your business, you must define and execute the right plan to crush your competition―what Robert Fish calls a “BreakAway Move.” As founder and CEO of the business-services company Insight CXO, Robert understands how hypergrowth companies break away from the pack and achieve wild success.

In The BreakAway Move, he shares the strategies and techniques you can utilize to lead your company to an Epic Win. Designed for small to midmarket companies, Robert’s method is divided into three parts:
1. Creating Your Strong Core―the foundation that you build and grow your business on.
2. Creating and Selecting Your BreakAway Moves―the strategies you implement that separates you from the pack.
3. Crushing the Competition―how you make your BreakAway Moves stick.

By discovering and achieving the right benchmarks, you can command your industry and triumph!


Robert S. Fish

CEO, Insight CXO

Robert’s own success provides a blueprint to help other companies successfully scale up. Two of his startups have each won multiple awards such as Inc 5000, Charlotte, NC Fast 50…

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