The Company You Keep

The Company You Keep

What Your Broker Won't Tell You About Exiting Your Business

By: Dave Arens

Too many smart business owners spend years building up a successful venture without dedicating any time to creating a succession plan. And then, one day, they decide that they’ve had enough. Maybe they’re ready to retire. Maybe the family member who they thought would take over isn’t interested. Sales could be lagging. Maybe sales are booming and they’re struggling to keep up.

Whatever the reason, they wake up one morning and recognize that they no longer want to run the business. And if they’re like many owners, they place a call to an investment banker or business broker who advises them to sell. For some businesses, that decision to sell is the correct one. But for most of them, it’s not. There’s a better way.

The Company You Keep discusses that better way, equipping you to identify the practical and rewarding solutions that make sense for your business and ensure that you accomplish all of your goals.

Dave Arens

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