How Smart Women Get Savvy About Money

By: Lindsey McKay

Meet our investors—Elle, Collins, and Jade—three women whose decades-long friendship sees them through the major milestones of personal and financial life. While the trio are nothing but supportive of each other, they each have very different attitudes toward money. Since their financial backgrounds and perspectives are so varied, they decide to set wealth-building goals and track their progress together.

Their plans are as diverse as they are. Elle excels at saving, but needs to become more comfortable with spending and investing. Collins is a big spender who works to improve her budgeting and reign in credit card usage. And Jade is taking steps toward her dream of retiring early.

Their regular meet-ups, while intended to keep each other accountable, not only focus on their funds, but like any group of close friends, touch on major personal milestones familiar to many women—such as raising children, marriage and divorce, and losing a partner.

As we follow our investors over the decades, we see them grow when it comes to how they handle their finances, to how they navigate what life brings. Their vibrant stories offer practical advice and motivation for women who want to take charge of their finances, no matter which stage of life they are in.


Lindsey McKay


Lindsey works with clients to create and execute financial plans that help them achieve their life’s goals. She especially loves collaborating with and educating women about their finances. Lindsey previously…

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