the fight for equity bronx book cover by elaine ruiz lopez

The Fight for Equity in the Bronx

Changing Lives and Transforming Communities One Scholar At a Time

By: Elaine Ruiz Lopez

In “The Fight for Equity in the Bronx,” Dr. Elaine Ruiz Lopez, born in the South Bronx, overcomes teen pregnancy and adversity to earn advanced degrees, driven to serve children from backgrounds like hers. This memoir chronicles her vision to provide rigorous, empowering education in her hometown despite systemic barriers against minorities, highlighting her journey from high school “push-out” to Ivy League graduate and her constant battles while establishing a pioneering charter high school.

Dr. Ruiz Lopez opens New York’s first Bronx charter high school in 2006, offering a nurturing environment for immigrant and diverse students. Despite numerous attempts to dismantle the school and ongoing barriers, her academy boasts a 96% graduation rate. This book is more than one woman’s journey; it is a chronicle of hope, proving equity in education is possible through collective struggle and perseverance.



Elaine Ruiz Lopez

Chief Executive Officer at International Leadership Charter High School

Dr. Elaine Ruiz-López was born to working-class parents in the South Bronx, where she persevered as a teen mom high school “pushout” to earn advanced degrees, including a doctorate from Columbia…

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