3d book cover of the financial briefing

The Financial Briefing

Answers to Life's Most Important Money Questions

By: Eric Hutchinson

Financial uncertainty accompanies us at every stage of life―not
just in the years surrounding retirement. But it doesn’t have
to be that way. Eric Hutchinson knows money is a key factor in
maintaining a level of comfort and peace of mind, regardless of
age. In The Financial Briefing, he reveals distilled wisdom based
on over thirty years of professional experience and provides an
overview of many of the financial and life issues everyone will face
at some point. With the quick and easy-to-understand answers in
this book, you will have the knowledge and resources needed to
make money a positive force in your life. Put your money worries
to rest, and learn tactics to:
• develop a blueprint for your financial future
• navigate critical money decisions at each stage of life
• hold meaningful money conversations with family


Eric Hutchinson

Founder, Hutchinson Financial

In addition to practicing as a financial planner, Eric is a speaker, author, and frequent television guest on both national and local platforms. He currently serves on several nonprofit boards,…

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