the first four words book by j tucker miller

The First Four Words

A Fresh Approach to Starting Conversations With Ease and Confidence

By: Tucker Miller

If you’re using too many words, you’re likely saying nothing. Conversations change lives, yet we often avoid the very discussions that could lead to breakthroughs. Fear of conflict, embarrassment, or simply not knowing what to say hold us back from initiating important dialogues. In The First Four Words, leadership coach Tucker Miller offers a fun, disarmingly simple solution. With the first four thoughtfully chosen words, we can start transforming tough talks into opportunities for connection and resolution.

Whether you want to give constructive feedback, resolve family tensions, build workplace trust, encourage a colleague, or network with purpose, Miller provides the phrases to get you going. This isn’t about memorizing scripts; it’s about sparking possibility with short, strategic conversation-starters. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to articulate expected behaviors, not just leave it to websites and handbooks. Lighthearted yet profound, Miller makes a compelling case that brevity and courage are the keys to better communication. From performance expectations to consoling grief, she mixes research, personal stories, and actionable advice tailored to fit any relationship quandary.


Tucker Miller


Drawing from over 35 years of business experience and a talent for storytelling, she has inspired thousands through impactful coaching, training, and workshops. Based in the Pacific Northwest with her…

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