10 principals for creating luck book

The Formula For Luck: Leave Nothing To Chance

Ten Powerful Principles For Building A Luck Mindset

By: Stuart Lacey

If you have ever felt unlucky, The Formula for Luck will teach you skills that are foundational to building a Luck Mindset and that will significantly improve the quality and quantity of your successful outcomes.

This book offers readers a clear understanding of the everyday, practical steps they can take toward boosting their luck and changing their lives for the better.

Author Stuart Lacey brings a scholar’s curiosity and an innovator’s creativity to bear on this thorough exploration of the habits, behaviors, and actions we can cultivate and practice in order to increase luck in our lives.

The Formula for Luck includes concrete exercises that can be completed as readers progress through the chapters and offers access to a workbook and an entire curriculum for helping teams and communities take charge of their journeys toward amplifying luck.


Stuart Lacey

Founder of Trunomi

He is a graduate of McGill University and a regional chair and multiple award-winning member of the Young Presidents Organization. Stuart holds six issued patents and has nine further patents…

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