The Freak Factor book

The Freak Factor

Discovering Uniqueness by Flaunting Weakness

By: David Rendall

Unleash your inner freak… and discover your unique potential. Think of the thing that makes you strange―the weakness that you won’t admit during a job interview or performance evaluation. Well, have you ever thought that the foundation of your success might be found in that weakness? Are you embracing your inner freak, or are you hiding it in order to conform and maintain the status quo? David Rendall believes that amplifying your weaknesses is crucial for your success, and he encourages you to do the same.

In The Freak Factor, David argues that what makes you weird also makes you exceptional and what makes you weak also makes you strong. Embrace your freak factor, and discover:

→→ Greater personal happiness, fulfillment, and energy

→→ More meaningful relationships with family and friends

→→ Increased employee engagement and productivity

→→ Better business strategy and marketing

Your greatest weakness is also your greatest strength. Find out how maximizing your freak factor can transform your life, work, and relationships.


David Rendall


Prior to becoming a speaker, David was a management professor, stand-up comedian and endurance athlete. He also managed nonprofit enterprises that provided employment for people with disabilities. He boasts more…

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