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The Growth Gears | Art Saxby & Pete Hayes

Using A Market-Based Framework To Drive Business Success

By: Art Saxby and Pete Hayes

Why do the best-run companies often have the hardest time growing? Are you running a highly successful company that just doesn’t seem to be growing?

It is possible you are so operationally focused that you’ve ignored a critical aspect of expanding business―working from a market-based perspective. In The Growth Gears, Art Saxby and Pete Hayes share their linear method for transforming your business into a market-focused organization.

This book provides a simple yet powerful framework to equip your company with these “gears,” describing a set of repeatable behaviors and processes with which you may fully capitalize on your market potential.

Pete and Art bring years of executive marketing acumen to the table, coupled with the years spent building a national management consulting firm. Under their guidance, you turn insight into strategy and eventually, execution. In these pages, you will learn how to:

  1. Determine if your business is operationally oriented or market oriented
  2. Identify opportunities for business growth
  3. Understand why marketing execution is sometimes ineffective
  4. Assure the ongoing market relevance of your company
  5. Increase the returns on your marketing programs

Align your organization and your employees with market-focused initiatives to lead your organization to new levels of growth!


Art Saxby and Pete Hayes

Principals, Chief Outsiders

Pete Hayes is CMO and co-principal of Chief Outsiders, LLC, where he employs his years of experience in the tech sphere. Pete earned an engineering degree from UC Berkeley. He…

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