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The Human Vector

Pivot To Profitability

By: Oleg Kondrashov and Rod Robertson

A startling new scientific approach for businesses that maximizes employee energy and performance during these disruptive times

The Human Vector is a much-needed business management toolset, a true antidote to strife and turmoil that has engulfed businesses worldwide but especially in America.

With multitudes working unsupervised from home, the Vector is a bridge that will ensure productivity from distance working.

This book is a beacon for organizations to follow with the Vector’s proven new lessons in business operations and how to follow corporate leadership thru scientific management techniques. It teaches how to hire, streamline operations and develop implicit trust between ownership, management and employees.

The Vector brings new age practices, that marry a new European management style with American business know how.


Oleg Kondrashov and Rod Robertson

Founder & CEO EnCata and Investment and M&A Advisor

Oleg is at the global forefront of rapid change in technology and innovation and is a young man with an astounding track record. Rod Robertson has traipsed the globe doing…

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