3D book cover of the Laser's edge

The Laser’s Edge

Revealing a New, Safer and More Effective Arthritis Treatment with No Side Effects

By: Dr. Jeremy Alosa

The Laser’s Edge strips away the misconceptions about medical care for arthritis and reveals a safer and more effective treatment. If you are one of the millions of people suffering from arthritis, this could be the most important book you ever own. On the surface, The Laser’s Edge appears to be about a new and advanced arthritis treatment, but it goes far deeper than that.

Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States. Two out of three Americans will develop arthritis symptoms and just about all of them will seek out their medical doctor first.

This practice increases health care costs and exposes patients to the hidden dangers of today’s health care system, unnecessarily so. Among the very real dangers is death: 106,000 patients die every year from non-error, adverse effects of prescription drugs, and there are 12,000 deaths a year as a result of unnecessary surgeries.

The Laser’s Edge will open your eyes to an entirely new way of treating arthritis without the risks of addictive medications, steroid shots, or surgery. It provides hope for anyone who has been suffering from pain, and suffering from the experience of going to specialist after specialist without relief. The revolutionary treatment outlined in this book has helped countless patients avoid risky surgery and eliminate the need to take dangerous drugs.


Dr. Jeremy Alosa

Owner, The Arthritis Laser Treatment Center

Upon receiving his doctorate degree in Chiropractic Medicine, he moved to Honolulu, HI. He currently owns and operates The Arthritis Laser Treatment Center in Honolulu where he sees 75-100 new…

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