The Less I Do, The More I Make book

The Less I Do, The More I Make

Automate or Die: How to Get More Done in Less Time and Take Your Life Back

By: Ron LeGrand

Running a business correctly is not about working hard or long hours; it’s about working smart. So many business owners today feel the need to stay busy. They frequently overlook the critical things needed to improve their businesses. In The Less I Do, The More I Make, highly successful real estate guru Ron LeGrand offers the secret to enhancing your business and life. You can become a decision-maker by employing Ron’s tactics and advice, including how to:

• Change habits and improve organization
• Manage your time more effectively
• Grow your business painlessly through marketing


Ron LeGrand

Entrepreneur, Real Estate Expert

  Mr. LeGrand is a highly sought-after platform speaker, having addressed audiences as large as 20,000 and as small as 100 in hotels and convention centers across North America. He…

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