The NOMEG Model by Carlos Munoz cover

The NOMEG Model

Creating A Profitable International Company Without Money From Investors

By: Carlos Muñoz

Frustrated with the impractical lessons he learned throughout the course of completing two master’s degrees in the business and economics fields, Muñoz set out to chart his own business development and organizational management system that did not rely on the venture capitalist models commonly found in the United States.

Enter the Neural Organizational Model for Exponential Growth (NOMEG), both a philosophy and a business management system that reinvents how companies are structured and reimagines what they can achieve and how by lessening the dependency on outside capital to start and grow a business.

NOMEG emphasizes the importance of innovation, experimentation, and collaboration. It rejects the notion of specialization in favor of a more nimble, adaptable structure that sidesteps competition and reduces an entrepreneur’s reliance on venture capital.

Muñoz employs more than a decade of experience building and growing his own businesses, as well as traveling the globe as a business and entrepreneurism consultant and lecturer to deliver a comprehensive guide on the strategies, tools, and philosophies he has successfully deployed both in his own companies, 4s Real Estate Group and Institute 11, and in the businesses of others.

With this book, Muñoz explains in detail the nine components of NOMEG: Organizational Model, Talent System, Exponential Marketing, Global Licensing, Work Capital, Central Bank, The Board, and Exit Strategies.


Carlos Muñoz

CEO of Institute 11

When not traveling the world on behalf of Institute 11, Carlos resides in northern Mexico with his wife and two children.

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