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The Reluctant Leader

Overcoming The Hesitation That’s Holding You Back

By: Pat Williams with Mark Atteberry

In The Reluctant Leader, renowned leadership expert Pat Williams takes the fear out of leadership by answering every concern a reluctant leader might have and giving practical advice on how to navigate even the stickiest leadership challenges.

“No Thanks” is the answer countless men and women have given when asked to step up and assume a leadership role. And rarely is it because of a lack of ability.

Most often, it’s because of uneasiness about the challenges and difficulties that most leaders face. They know that leaders have to be problem-solvers, and they’ve seen how leaders take the heat and get blamed when something goes wrong.

If you’ve been told you’d make a great leader but have never said yes to a leadership opportunity, let Pat Williams help you overcome the hesitation that’s holding you back.


Pat Williams with Mark Atteberry

Co-Founder of the Orlando Magic

Pat Williams, longtime NBA executive and basketball Hall of Famer, is currently engaged in trying to bring Major League Baseball to Orlando. He is the author of well over a…

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