The Reward of Doing book cover

The Reward of Doing

By: John Collopy

Why is it so easy for us to identify what we want, yet seemingly so hard to take the steps we need to get it?

Why is it that people with achievable dreams and a route to making them come true so often fail to follow through to success?

These are smart people, with realistic, realizable goals. Yet when it comes to changing their behavior in the ways they must to get where they want to go, they just don’t do it. The fact is all those old bromides we were raised on are true; our happiness in life is 100% up to us. Our choices dictate our outcomes. The conundrum is why we so consistently make the wrong ones.

John Collopybusinessman, speaker, coach, and author – has helped thousands of people at all levels of accomplishment to greater success in their lives and work. He built a thriving real estate business from the ground up, RE/MAX Results, with sales of over $9.5 billion dollars a year.

As an AA member and recovering alcoholic, he’s mentored many people working toward getting and staying sober and heard all kinds of stories over cups of coffee.  In his newest book, The Reward of Doing, he shares his insights into what holds us back from success and how to change the ways we think, plan, and act, both in our careers and personal lives, to put our dreams within our reach.

In The Reward of Doing, you’ll learn –

  • How the conflicts between what we think we want and what we actually want cause us to fail.
  • Why putting yourself first is the least selfish thing you can do – and among the most important choices you’ll make on your way to success.
  • How to confront and conquer the negative ideas you absorbed in childhood and put the past behind you for good.
  • How to design an infrastructure of support for you and your goals that will power your efforts to succeed.
  • How to stop making excuses and start making progress.

If you’re ready to do the work, The Reward of Doing offers you a practical, no-nonsense guide to powering past what’s holding you back, and charts a course to happiness in both your professional and personal lives.


John Collopy

Owner, Re/Max Results

With annual sales over $5.3 billion, RE/MAX Results is now one of the largest RE/MAX franchises in the world. John currently lives in Minnesota with his wife and children.

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