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The Reward of Knowing

By: John Collopy

For many, addiction can be a life sentence of anguish. Every day, millions struggle with addictions of all kinds from drugs to gambling to food. For John Collopy, owner of RE/MAX Results, alcohol was his vice. In an attempt to manage the trauma of a troubled youth, abusive father, and his own hereditary roots of alcoholism, John fell into a downward spiral of addiction and anger issues. Though his addiction clouded most of his youth, John was able to save his future by choosing a life of sobriety. Despite the ever-present battle against his demons, John is proof that there is nothing that is unattainable through determination.

In The Reward of Knowing, John reflects on the events of his life, the dysfunction of his family, the deepest pits of his addiction, and how he ended up on the other side. John openly shares the secrets of his success, his journey towards a sober future, and the lessons he learned along the way. Filled with deeply personal anecdotes and wisdom, The Reward of Knowing is a beacon of hope and inspiration for those who find themselves caught within the grasp of addiction.

There’s no doubt that we all have low points in our lives, but we don’t have to let our low points be our defining factor. Let The Reward of Knowing be the first step in realizing the true potential of your future and how to succeed past your addiction.


John Collopy

Owner, Re/Max Results

With annual sales over $5.3 billion, RE/MAX Results is now one of the largest RE/MAX franchises in the world. John currently lives in Minnesota with his wife and children.

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