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The Science And Art Of Hair Restoration

A Patient’s Guide

By: Dr. Patrick Angelos

Not Your Grandpa’s Hair Restoration

Today’s hair restoration options for men and women give natural results and include medical and surgical treatments, some that use robotics.

Men―and women―struggle with hair loss. That hairline in the mirror makes them look older than they feel. But they put off treatment because of all the misinformation about options.

They’re not sure what really works, and no one wants to end up with those little plugs that look like “doll’s hair.” But those days are gone. Hair restoration treatments today produce natural-looking results that are nothing like the past.

In The Science and Art of Hair Restoration: A Patient’s Guide, Dr. Patrick Angelos clears up myths about hair restoration with information on:

  1. The science of hair loss and the art of restoration
  2. Causes of hair loss and ways to prevent it
  3. Nonsurgical and surgical hair restoration options
  4. Robotic hair restoration using the ARTAS iX System
  5. Treatments for women
  6. Emerging technologies
  7. Finding the specialist best suited to you

Whether you’re starting to see some thinning or experiencing advanced hair loss, you’ll gain in-depth understanding of the techniques available to help you obtain life-changing results.


Dr. Patrick Angelos

Facial Plastic Surgeon | Hair Restoration Expert

  As the region’s trusted hair restoration and facial plastics expert, Dr. Angelos combines his meticulous surgical skills with an artistic vision to help patients achieve natural, lasting results that…

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