The Stealing book cover

The Stealing

Journey Into a Sublime Gothic Storm

By: S.A. Sutila

Sarah Vise’s life is a literal dead-end street. Abandoned by her mother as a child, she lives on a coastal road to nowhere, working endless hour son her domineering father’s fishing boat in the shadow of a run-down lighthouse. She is accepted into college and has an intriguing encounter with Grant Eriksen, the tall, blue-eyed neighbor who appears intent on making amends for past mistakes.

But when Sarah’s father forbids her from going away to college, she is forced to face a future with out hope. Sarah decides to surrender her life to the sea. Grant saves her from drowning, but that night her weakened spirit is carried to a dreamy after life world, where a handsome hunter-sage takes her under his wing. Sarah is happy to remain with him until she learn she is even more possessive and dangerous than the men in her“real”life.

To escape his clutches, she makes a terrible bargain. He will return her to the life she now so desperately desires. She will be free to follow her heart, but only for a while. The clock is ticking. Once she fulfills her end of the bargain, he will steal her spirit back. Forever.


S.A. Sutila

She holds a bachelor’s in engineering technology from the University of South Florida and has consulted for many years on the world wide deployment of business process reengineering projects. S.A.…

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